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What Is My Car Worth?

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With supply chain issues and the rise in used car prices, many people wonder how much their car is worth, and if now is the time to trade in their car for a newer model. While selling your car privately is definitely still on the table, in the current market, you may get more and save yourself the hassle when selling to a dealership. 

Many dealerships are experiencing a low used car inventory, and according to Kelley Blue Book, older, less expensive cars are difficult to come by as well as fuel efficient models. If your call falls into these categories, you may get an offer you can’t refuse.

How Can I Find the Trade Value For My Car?

The Kelley Blue Book is a great starting point for finding the trade in car value. Visit the Kelley Blue Book website, and select “My Car’s Value” and enter the year, make, model, and your zip code. From there, you can shop around for the best offer on your trade in and make informed negotiations and decisions before accepting a deal. 

Bill Utter Ford Wants Your Car

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Research the trade in car value for your vehicle and visit Bill Utter Ford. You can also request an appraisal online and get an offer instantly. The friendly staff knows you want the best offer, and we provide sellers and car shoppers an honest best value quote for used cars, trucks, and SUVS. 

Whether in the market for a new or used automobile, or selling, the customer experience is of the utmost importance, and we never rely on pushy pressure tactics to close a deal. 

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Get the leading offer on your used car, truck, or SUV at Bill Utter Ford. Our industry-leading approach rises above the rest, giving people in North Texas the best buyout offers and trade-in appraisals. 



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