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Tire Care for Your Automobile

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Care for and maintaining your automobile’s tires is important for your safety on the road. Beyond a safety measure, this preventative care can also help maintain your car’s fuel efficiency and save time and money down the road. Here, we’ll discuss some tips on how you can maintain the tires on your automobile. 

Tips for Maintaining Tires

When you hit the road, you want a seamless ride and, with undamaged tires, you not only can create a safer experience, but can also improve the life of your auto’s tires. The following can help keep your tires in optimum condition and keep you safe while driving. 

Inspect Wear and Tear

A regular inspection of your vehicle’s tires can give you an idea of any potential problems. Things to look for when inspecting your tires include punctures, worn out sides or reduction of tire tread, and any bubbles or bulges. 

Check Air Pressure

Properly inflated tires can help your vehicle run more smoothly and efficiently. The key is not too much or too little… but just right. Check your tires air pressure with an air gauge you have on hand or your local tire dealer can check. At a minimum, perform an air pressure check once per month. 

Rotate Tires

A regularly scheduled tire rotation can help you maintain the tread on your tires and extend their lifespan. You can schedule this auto service about every 5000 miles or how often the vehicle manufacturer recommends. 

Use Spare and Replace when Necessary

When you notice a damaged tire, use your spare tire and schedule a service appointment with your local tire repair or mechanic for repair or replacement. 

Tire Care Can Help Improve Your Vehicle’s Performance

The performance of your vehicle relies heavily on its tires. Maintenance, repair, and eventual replacement can help keep your car in optimum condition and keep you and others safe on the road. 



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