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Get Your Electric Vehicle Winter Ready

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With shorter days and cooler temps, electric vehicles lose battery power and range. Additional power demands, such as defroster and heat, can drain power quickly. Fortunately, with some preconditioning tips and setting a preferred charge level, electric vehicle drivers can optimize their ride during the winter months. Read on and learn how you can get longer lasting power in your electric car this winter. 

Tips for Gaining Better Range in Your Electric Vehicle During the Winter

Preconditioning your electric vehicle means heating your vehicle with charging power rather than batter power. You can do this from inside your vehicle or from your smartphone. When you preheat the high voltage battery in this way, you can improve the range of your electric vehicle and go further. 

Optimize Your Electric Ford Vehicle Using the SYNC Screen or the FordPass App

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To start, set your departure time on the SYNC screen or through the FordPass App. To precondition from the driver’s seat, select the home button on the SYNC screen. From there, select Charging and follow with Departure and Comfort. Here, you can adjust and customize departure times and preferred comfort levels for each day of the week. Simply select the day, departure time, and your preferred temperature setting for the time and day. Be sure and save your settings. 

On those extra chilly days, you can stay indoors and precondition your electric vehicle right at your fingertips using the FordPass app on your smartphone. When you open the FordPass app, tap the Vehicle tab and select Departure. From this screen, you can customize settings for departure time for each day of the week and preferred cabin temperature. 

When you set your preferred battery charge level at 90%, you can increase your electric vehicle’s range further. You can easily access this feature on the FordPass app. With the app open, select Vehicle, Charging, and then Charge Settings. From the Charge Settings, you can set your preferred time and location and adjust the charge level to 90%. Save the settings and plug in your electric vehicle. When the preferred charge setting is reached, the FordPass app will alert you and you can drive away confidently and comfortably.

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