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The Best…The Best

"Big Dave" is the best.  He makes sure I am aware of anything that I need to know about the new car - about the trade-in, and about paying for the car.  He also takes care of any small or "big" problems that I might have in operating the Ford.  He's the best!

Robert Sepanek
Denton, Texas

A Pleasure to Work With

Our sales person Scott, was extremely professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.  The sales process and deal closure was efficient and well-coordinated between the vehicle sales process, aftermarket options sales, and the final financing.

James Matthews
Justin, Texas

Very Satisfying Process

We are pleased with our sales experience.  Our thanks to Bill Utter Ford for a very satisfying process.  We believe our new Ford Taurus will be the best car we have ever purchased.  Our salesman, Carl Spindle, is a top notch representative of the dealership, and has served as our salesman for three purchases over the years.

Vance Apple
Frisco, Texas

Great - Great - Awesome

Great vehicle - great interest rate - and awesome warranty options!

Johnny Pack
Boyd, Texas

The Best Deal - In and Out

Doyle Chaffin is a great salesman.  He gave us the best deal and got us in and out!

Tifani Kirby
Allen, Texas

Above and Beyond

Kudos to Dave Underwood.  This is the 3rd vehicle I have purchased with Mr. Underwood's help and our 5th Bill Utter purchase.  I have always gotten excellent sales service from Bill Utter, and Dave has always gone above and beyond to help meet my family's vehicle and pricing needs.  We expect to remain loyal customers in the future.

Anusha Ramkissoon
Denton, Texas

Great in Every Way

We were extremely satisfied and happy.  Our salesman, Kevin Harris was great in every way.  He was very knowledgeable and helpful.  We will definitely return to Bill Utter Ford for further vehicles.

Susan Shelton
McKinney, Texas

We Will Be Treated Well

It is always a great experience having my vehicle serviced at Bill Utter Ford.  Lee, in the Service department, always takes care of us.  It is comforting to know we will be treated well!

Matt Cairns
Denton, Texas

First to Give Me a Fair Deal

I had been to several other dealerships and they, in my opinion, tried to cheat me.  Bill Utter was the first dealership that gave me a fair deal, and thus I purchased the vehicle from them.  All the people at the dealership were friendly and professional.

David Porter
Flower Mound, Texas

Excellent Service and Quality 

I have been going to Bill Utter Ford for five years to have my vehicles serviced and because of their excellent service and quality, I have purchased two new Ford vehicles from them.

Bill Heideman
Corinth, Texas

Focus Titanium-I Absolutely Love It

In my entire car buying experiences, this is by far the best dealership.  The sales folks and their management are mature and professional, the dealership is relaxing, great inventory selection yet small enough you feel the family friendly atmosphere.  Not the hustle and bustle of young bucks running back and forth trying to work deals.  I am a person who doesn't enjoy the typical car games of yesteryear, so I called and asked to speak to a manager before coming in, I spoke to Bill Hesters the Sales Manager, I soon realized he was the one that sold me my Explorer Sport back more than 10 years prior, and he is one of the best in the business! Although it was a long time ago I remembered the car buying experience was very pleasant over there, I explained my situation and shortly drove over there and before I knew it, I was leaving in my new car.  He made the sales process smooth, there was no price haggling, the typical back and forth "TO" that you get at so many other dealerships.  I expected the typical low ball wholesale shtick for my trade, but again they didn't play those games either! I got a price on my trade that I was content with the first go around, again, no haggle back and forth, and I felt I got a good deal on the new vehicle.  I didn't feel at all that I got raked over the coals on either end, and typically that is what happens when you trade something in.  All in all, it was just so smooth and comfortable.  As long as I am in this area I wouldn't consider going to another Ford dealership to purchase another Ford.  Bill Utter Ford is unique in that the folks that work for them have been there for years! I purchased an extended warranty and that is something I have never done before, and though I was unsure about it afterward, I decided to do so because I am planning on keeping this vehicle for several years, something I normally have never done in the past either.  The F&I lady was great to deal with as well.  I can't say enough great things about this dealership, their customer service, the friendly relaxing atmosphere and the mature demeanor of their staff takes away the typical car buying experience of yesteryear, and after you purchase from Bill Utter Ford why would someone want to go anywhere else and play those frustrating car games and we have all been there!! Now…I would like to say how impressed I am with this Focus Titanium, it feels every bit as high end and luxurious as a Lexus.  The exterior styling also very appealing, they really hit it out of the ball park with this titanium version.  I absolutely love it!!

Heather Newman
Corinth, Texas


Today, when picking up my vehicle, I had a survey card attached.  While trying to complete this, I find there is absolutely not enough room to acknowledge my experiences and appreciation.

Short story longer…this is the third vehicle I have purchased from Bill Utter Ford.  I have purchased all 3 vehicles from Carl Spindle and always had a positive experience.  Unfortunately, when purchasing a vehicle, support from your sales consultant usually ends there, but where Carl leaves off, the Service Department picks up.

My 2006 Ford Escape that I purchased new now has 221,619 miles, which for this day and time seems to be phenomenal.  This is directly attributed to not only the manufacturing quality, but the Service Advisors and Technicians who have helped me maintain my vehicle.  I have been so fortunate to have been able to rely and trust Service Advisors, Greg Hall and Danny Morris.

No one works on my vehicle except Bill Utter Ford, with one exception, when I finally after 218,000 miles had to have my serpentine belt replaced in Clovis, New Mexico at Hamilton Ford.  All of my repairs have been maintenance.

Am I completely satisfied….Completely!

Am I likely to continue doing business with Bill Utter Ford….Absolutely!

There are no words to express my gratitude to the manufacturing of, selling of, support and trust, the Service Advisors and Technicians have offered me.  To be able to trust what you are told, in addition to knowing you have had the best service, is a testament to you and your associates.

Thank you so much.

Penny Dean
Krum, Texas

Recommend to Family and Friends

We love working with Mitch.  This is our second car we have purchased from him.  He's always prompt when answering any questions we may have.  He also took the time to go thru all the gadgets on the Focus.  Great salesman! I'm recommending him to my family and friends.

Kimberley Loiselle
Denton, Texas

I Love My Escape

Big Dave was an excellent salesman.  I will continue to call on him for my Ford needs and have recommended him several times since the purchase of my vehicle.  I love my Escape!!!

Michael Reeder
Valley View, Texas

Great From Start to Finish

My salesperson Doyle Chaffin was great from start to finish!

Dennis Kelsey
Little Elm, Texas

Plenty of Time, No Pressure

Our salesman John Garbo did a great job with us.  He was friendly, as well as the rest of the staff we worked with on the sale of our new Ford Escape.  John was very patient with us.  We had needed time to make our final decision and he did not pressure us.  We like that in a salesman! He did a great job in satisfying us.  We are now enjoying our new car!

Marvin Sueverkruebbe
Flower Mound, Texas

Excellent Customer Service

Rey Trevino provided excellent customer service.

Richard Wilson
Little Elm, Texas

The Best Experience

Excellent service from everyone! The best experience I've had when purchasing an automobile.  The staff was friendly and made us feel very comfortable.  I would recommend Bill Utter Ford to everyone.

Brenda Martensen
Corinth, Texas

I Love Bill Utter Ford

Love Bill Utter Ford.  Love my salesman, Rey Trevino and the general manager Carl Anderson.  They made it so simple to purchase my Escape.

Robia Pettigrew
Denton, Texas

Prompt, Thorough, Great Salesman

We love working with Mitch.  This is our second car we have purchased from him.  He's always prompt when answering any questions we may have.  He also took the time to go thru all the gadgets on the Focus.  Great salesman! I'm recommending him to my family and friends.

Kimberley Loiselle
Denton, Texas

I Choose to Come Back

I have a dealership in the town I live in and pass 4 more between my house and Bill Utter Ford.  I choose to come back to Bill Utter Ford because of my salesman, Doyle who sold my last two vehicles, and the repeat service that I get with Bill Utter Ford.  I live 30 miles away and will continue to patronize Bill Utter Ford because of how I am treated.

Darlene Hilton
Decatur, Texas

My Car Paid for Itself Already

Our salesman, Kevin, was always attentive and made the experience painless.  All other aspects, including classes on how to work the tech advances, were very helpful.  Within one week the lateral warning system of cars coming from the sides saved an accident at my apartment.  So the car has paid for itself already.

Ronald Wilson
Corinth, Texas

Utmost Respect from Everyone

Rey Trevino is excellent to work with.  I have always been treated with the utmost respect by everyone at Bill Utter Ford.  I can understand why they have been in business for 57 years.

Brenda Rohlfs
Little Elm, Texas