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Leasing a New Ford in Denton, TX

Leasing a new car is an increasingly popular alternative to financing your new vehicle purchase, as it offers some distinct advantages, including lower monthly cost and maintenance and repair coverage. We have special lease offers on a number of new Ford models, and either our sales professionals or our finance specialists will be able to answer all your questions about specific details. Generally speaking, though, five main benefits of leasing a new Ford include:

  1. Leasing is easier on the wallet. Lease payments are generally lower than finance payments, because you are only paying for the depreciation on your car during the time you're leasing it. You also don't typically have to make a down payment when you lease a car, freeing that cash up for other needs.
  2. Maintenance and many types of repairs are covered. These days, a typical lease term agreement is often short than - or at least equal to - the length of the manufacturer's warranty. That means that regularly-scheduled maintenance and many types of repairs that might come up during your lease are covered by the warranty. A lot of leases even include some type of roadside service assistance.
  3. You can drive the latest and greatest models on a regular basis. Today's car leases can be as short as 24-36 months. If you're someone who enjoys having the newest versions of everything from mobile phones to automobiles, leasing may be the best option for you.
  4. You can get more car for your money. Because it can be less expensive to lease a vehicle, you may be able to opt for a more expensive model because the lease payments would cost the same amount as the finance payments would on a less-expensive car, truck or SUV.
  5. Once your lease ends, you can walk away or roll into a new lease on a new vehicle. With a lease, your commitment to your vehicle ends when your lease does. That means you don't have to worry about dealing with trading in your car or selling it yourself. You can either turn in the car and walk away, roll into a new lease on a new model or, if you've fallen in love with your leased car, opt to buy it, usually at a better price than if you were to buy the same car from another dealer.

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