Edgy Details From Ford

After starting the Ford Edge, you'll notice all of the details of the touchscreen. There are maps that you can customize as well as details on the maps that show where you can stop along the route that you input.

When you put items in the back of the vehicle, you don't need to manually open the liftgate as there is a foot lever that you can depress to open the door. This is a convenient detail for when you make stops in Denton and need to quickly put items in the cargo area of the SUV. Fold the rear seats either all the way or only on one side for more space to haul your belongings.

As soon as you put the vehicle in reverse, the backup camera comes on, showing you the projected paths that you behind you. There is also an alert that sounds if there are any objects that you can't see on either side. Visit Bill Utter Ford Inc. for a test drive of the Ford Edge to see the space that is offered.



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