Parking Made Easy in the Ford C-MAX

Getting in and out of tight parking spaces can be tough. Luckily, the new Ford C-MAX has the smart technology to make it simpler. This popular compact hybrid is available at Bill Utter Ford Inc. It comes with a standard rearview camera and an optional Active Park Assist system.

The rearview camera is located on the back of the C-MAX. It's connected to the infotainment screen. When you shift into reverse, the feed from the camera is automatically splashed on the screen. Distance markers are added to the image so that you can get a better idea of how far away you are from potential hazards.

The Active Park Assist feature is designed to help you get into parallel spots. When initiated, it'll scan the surrounding area to find an open spot. It'll then ask you for permission to take over. If you accept, all you have to do is control shifting, acceleration, and braking. The system will take care of the steering.



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