3 Reasons You Should Schedule a Regular Maintenance Appointment

Your Ford needs regular maintenance the same way you need a checkup. This kind of service isn't for major repairs. It's the simple maintenance that every car needs to stay in good working order. But just like with doctor visits, if you put off regular maintenance, simple tasks could turn into major headaches. Stay on top of it, and your car or truck will run like a champ. Here are three of the most common regular maintenance appointments:

  1. Tire Rotation: Tires are arguably the most important part of a car. There's a reason behind the saying, "where the rubber meets the road." Rotating tires to different positions can help improve longevity, safety, and fuel economy by promoting even wearing over time.
  2. Oil Change: Oil lubricates engine components and removes gunk and grime. It keeps engines running smoothly and efficiently. Old oil can affect your vehicles performance negatively. Worse yet, running your engine without oil can damage parts. Make sure your vehicle gets a regular oil change for engine health and performance.
  3. Brake Service: Losing brake functions almost never ends well. Having your car's brakes checked regularly can help prevent brake failure. Your technician will check brake pads and other components to make sure they don't need replacing.

If you're not sure how often you should bring in your new or used Ford for regular maintenance, give us a call or pay us a visit off I-35 in Denton, TX. Our service department has the expertise to ensure your vehicle stays on the road.

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